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Direct Relationship with Apple (+resulting possibilities)

Direct Relationship with Apple (+resulting possibilities)

Hi guys,

As there is bound to be a new iPhone in a years time(1) and in the future there may also be yet smaller SIMs than the coming nano SIM(2) or maybe something totally groundbreaking and new that networks need to know about(3), I think it may be time that giffgaff get's hold of Apple and requests to be updated about coming features of product releases before the product announcement so their customers are not to be left potentially for months without required items to use their device (like the nano SIMs(4) and instead can have what they need as soon as shipping happens.

I thought of this as the latest blog post(4) stated the following:

"since we do not have a direct relationship with Apple, we have been acting on assumptions and rumours like everyone else until yesterday"

Basically saying that Apple do not tell giffgaff about features which will be in the latest devices (probably because they don't sell iDevices). This is also occuring with other companies (not just mobile netorks) and they too do not find out about new features which could have a bad affect on their business (in giffgaff's case: lose of many customers, less people suggesting the network and looking bad to others not being upto speed with technology)

Now, I appreciate this may not be very easy to do as "giffgaff don't sell iPhones and Apple won't benefit so they don't bother to tell them etc..." or what ever the reason is but maybe giffgaff could come up with some other arrangment with Apple. Maybe one of the following just for example:

Agree with Apple on how many devices on the network are the latest version so Apple know that giffgaff will be helping them grow and it would be benefitial to tell them of latest features which could affect them 


Agree with Apple that O2 can tell them as they are an MVNO

Pay a small fee to get info (maybe not the best but possibility as giffgaff would then be prepared)
giffgaff could sell the iPhone 5 and future versions as they are likely to sell and as I have been told, Apple only care about those who sell it so this could be easier etc, etc, there are dozens of things that potentially giffgaff could agree with Apple on so they benefit on information when it's announced to big companies, just like other networks and make sure that they keep it all secret.


Why do this?

As we know, giffgaff are going to take a couple of months to get the nano SIMs needed (evidently too late for the release of the iPhone 5) but if they got told in advance (say when the other networks found out) next time then maybe they would be ready with the necesary technology for these devices and save losing customers and not benefit from the millions of devices to be bought which could use giffgaff.

It's clear that this major phone release was missed by giffgaff (not having SIMs needed) but next year or the year after when the next breakthrough, network dependent, technology is brought to a phone giffgaff need to be ready (so they can benefit from keeping customers and gsining more!) and will know just like the other networks.

Also, after the release and people have chosen wheher to go to another network who provides nano SIMs, giffgaf could show stats of how much (or maybe little they lost (although would be pointless in that case)) they lost by being kept in the dark to Apple to help them maybe be recognised and be updated from them to save them next time!

EDIT: As some comments have mentioned, having a relationship with Apple could also lead to:

Having asigned giffgaff internet profile on iPhone
Possibly hot spot tethering
Possibly visual voicemail
having the name giffgaff at the top of the iPhone instead of O2 UK
voicemail button could work



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(1),(2),(3),(4) within spoiler
(1)iPhone 6?
(2)diddy SIM or picco SIM?
(3)injected SIMs or network run trackers/identities? (who knows with Apple!)
(4)read the latest blof post for information regarding nano SIMs taking a few months to come here:

Great news that this is now an implemented part of giffgaff for all of us! Thank you for the continuous support and feedback on this idea, it has been great and overall has had a great end result!


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i really agree!

top cat

I don't think Apple could give a toss about giffgaff. Smiley Indifferent


While I agree with rebelyell, I think it'd be great for gg to have a direct relationship with them, so kudos from me and hopefully we might get somewhere with this Smiley Happy

heavy hitter

@1992chris, @agmeee - cheers for the support! It would be so much more convenient for us and GiffGaff if they had a direct relationship as they don't have to wait for rumours to become reality also we benefit quicker!


@rebelyell -possibly but with support, giffgaff could see that it would be worth it and come to some agreement with them

It would be nice to see an official relationship/contract however I do think the overshadowing effect of O2 on giffgaff is/will/has had an effect on the likelihood of this happening, who knows


A direct relationship with Apple? That sounds very expensive. By direct relationship they mean business relationship. There is nothing that giffgaff could give to Apple to enter into a business relationship other than lots of money. And Apple already know what version of everything every iPhone user uses from App store data, there's not much giffgaff could tell Apple about their iPhones.


Apple are only interested in networks selling their phones directly (from whom they make a shed-load of money, with few dealer subsidies compared with any other manufacturer's phones), and they already have a relationship with O2 which probably has all kinds of exclusivity cooked into the contract, so MVNO's like us are in the cold.

Apple will never ever have a relationship with giffgaff unless , giffgaff was selling apple products , the very reason apple deal with o2 and the rest of there suppliers is because they sell apple products , so this a pointless post ! Ideas should show a method of how a idea can be implimented and i dont see one here !!!!!

shouldn't be too difficult as giffgaff are part of o2 who have a relationship with apple! Smiley Happy


Then we would also be able to have the giffgaff settings supported by iOS when the giffgaff sim card is detected rather than the O2 settings: