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Disable Balance Pop-ups

Disable Balance Pop-ups

While for some users, having your giffgaff call balance pop-up after each text or call is really handy, for others it can be a real pain - especially on some handsets where the pop-up is quite intrusive.


Unfortunately this cannot currently be set on or off individually - it is either on for everyone (as it is now) or off for everyone.  Personally I don't mind too much either way, though I can appreciate that it is probably more of an issue for those who don't like it than those who do, so I wouldn't really miss it if it was turned off (especially as you can request an on-demand balance by sending *100# anyway).


If you would prefer it to be off for everyone then please Kudos this idea, if you would prefer to have them left on then please add a comment.  Ideally I suppose we could have the option to turn off and on individually - but that would be a longer term goal as the system would need to be changed to incorporate that.


Can we have an update on the implementation date for this from someone in the know please?


Hello GiffGaff,


As the last post really. Any news on the implementation date?




Vincent posted a message about this on the blog section of the site. Here is a link.


Want to turn you balance notifications off?

Kudos this post by Vincent b4Friday:


Want to turn you balance notifications off?

Kudos this post by Vincent before Friday:


Any news on the implementation of this?!?!

former giff-staffer

please disable so annoying 


adcad, the thread linked to in Vincent's post just above yours says this has been done


go to My giffgaff, then Balance Notifications, and select there





It would be nice if it told you your balance only as a 'your nearly out' message.. Increasing in frequency the closer you get to your limit..    


So.. At top up.. Example 500 texts

next message saying 100 left

next message at

then 25

then 10 





then a 'your out text'...


Same with mins..


Sorry if I have repeated someone else's comment.... Just got back from work and too tired to read every comment.... Smiley Very Happy


but just to reiterate ... It is really annoying as it is..  Especially on my phone... Cause you have the option to read or exit... If you exit, the same message comes thru..again and again... Until you click read... real annoying...