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Disable Balance Pop-ups

Disable Balance Pop-ups

While for some users, having your giffgaff call balance pop-up after each text or call is really handy, for others it can be a real pain - especially on some handsets where the pop-up is quite intrusive.


Unfortunately this cannot currently be set on or off individually - it is either on for everyone (as it is now) or off for everyone.  Personally I don't mind too much either way, though I can appreciate that it is probably more of an issue for those who don't like it than those who do, so I wouldn't really miss it if it was turned off (especially as you can request an on-demand balance by sending *100# anyway).


If you would prefer it to be off for everyone then please Kudos this idea, if you would prefer to have them left on then please add a comment.  Ideally I suppose we could have the option to turn off and on individually - but that would be a longer term goal as the system would need to be changed to incorporate that.


Yeah noticed there wasn't any notifications today either but since it was a call to a EU number I thought maybe there wasn't any notifications for that or that maybe it was due to my iPhone being nearly dead(ie so bad I'm going to the CPW to get a new one)  but you've just proven to me that wasn't the reason


I agree with bennystan.  I think we all know what an SMS costs and can work out how much credit that eaves us with.  But I do want the credit popup after making a call.  


Popups seem to be back on for me today - just got one after sending a text anyway...  Boo! Smiley Wink


This is an incredibly annoying and intrusive defect that will force me to leave giffgaff if it's not fixed when my credit runs out. That's not a hollow threat -- on my phone the pop-up triggers the same vibration/sound used when a new text message arrives meaning that I have to check my phone to see if it actually is a new text or just the stupid balance pop-up.


Not sending stuff to people's phones unless they explicitly ask for it ought be a fundamental rule of polite behaviour for any mobile operator. Please disable this behaviour until an opt-in solution is found.


It was tolerable, if annoying, if only because my G1 didn't mishandle the popup as another SMS. But todays longer, customised version telling me the gg2gg SMS was free is excessive! If a zero cost call can get a customised message surely it can get a zero length, we don't bother sending it, customised message Smiley Wink


the popups are back, unfortunatly, asof 9:30am this mornin Smiley Sad


i dont mind but is there any way i can sent my phone to stop vibrating.


For some reason when i receive a tex or call my phone does not vibrate when i receive this is does. Ne ideas??


Its a bit annoying when im at work...

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Status changed to: Working On It
Hi all, We will be implementing this as a feature for people to set a personal preference. This way you can individually turn the notifications ON or OFF. We hope to have this implemented by the end of June. Many thanks, Vincent

Leave it the way it is. Or as was said by bennystan disable it for texts but keep it for calls. As for people saying they will leave and all that jazz, remember what network giffgaff runs on, o2 send out an alert as standard just like you are seeing now for pay as you go. 


They are going to be offering us the option to turn it off and on individually.  As it happens O2 do the same - you just have to call them up and ask them to turn them off.