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Disable Balance Pop-ups

Disable Balance Pop-ups

While for some users, having your giffgaff call balance pop-up after each text or call is really handy, for others it can be a real pain - especially on some handsets where the pop-up is quite intrusive.


Unfortunately this cannot currently be set on or off individually - it is either on for everyone (as it is now) or off for everyone.  Personally I don't mind too much either way, though I can appreciate that it is probably more of an issue for those who don't like it than those who do, so I wouldn't really miss it if it was turned off (especially as you can request an on-demand balance by sending *100# anyway).


If you would prefer it to be off for everyone then please Kudos this idea, if you would prefer to have them left on then please add a comment.  Ideally I suppose we could have the option to turn off and on individually - but that would be a longer term goal as the system would need to be changed to incorporate that.


After reading all the opinions on this I'd say it's better to turn them OFF for everyone, as it can be distracting for texters in particular. I can't imagine many people missing them.


i find this REALLY annoying, it makes me think the person has text me back quick, but its a popup


I find it really useful after calls and texts, but my Nokia 5800 doesnt reply it as a text but as a pop up so doesnt feel like someones text me back. But I find it useful because I dont always remember the check balance number, I find that hard to remember from previously being on o2 and them both so similar.

At the moment I think it is probably a good novel idea, but maybe for heavier users it is an annoyance. The best compromise would be the ability to let the "viewer" decide.

former giff-staffer

Hi folks,


Until a technical solution if available from a 'giffgaff' level, it looks on some handsets you can switch them on or off... 


From peeter:

" Nokia 6300 its easy to turn the pop-up off or on.  It's simply Menu - Settings - Call/Call Settings - Summary after Call.....and just select on or off."


Claire, I don't think that works - peeter later also posted a thread about this, and the replies suggested not anyway, and on my phone I eventually found that section in the menu and it too was set to off.


Actually I find hese popups pretty helpful.  I don't use auto-topup (don't want to, either) so the popups are what let me know I'm running low on credit.  I'd bemore likely to be caught out otherwise.


BUT - today there have been no popups.  Have they been turned off?  if so I'd rather they were switched on again.  If not is there something I can do to turn popups on again for me?


I've not got them today either - not sure if that's a temporary glitch or they've decided to turn them off.  However if you want to know your balance at any time all you need to do is key in *100# and call - this will trigger a balance pop up on your screen.


Have also not been receiving the notifications today and would like to thank whoever is responsible (if deliberate).


Hurrah! And Kudos to Simon for suggesting it.


EDIT: Thanks to Simon for putting it in the Ideas area, rather than for the original idea.. I've only just read the original thread.


I think that credit popups should be disabled after sending SMS but not after calling .