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Duplicate Ideas

Status: Not For Us
by tjommo on ‎06-04-2012 10:18 - last edited on ‎04-08-2012 16:57 by hazel22

Most giffgaff ideas now turn out to be duplicates.


To solve this I suggest that when you type the name of your idea (the title) the system runs a search for this on the ideas section.  It then suggests to the user (perhaps a column on the right) that there are other threads similar and then they could choose not to post it.  I know everyone says 'just search' but the reality is there are many people who don't.  This bit of coding that  is probably not too complex (I'm no programmer), would save a lot of everyone's time!



Status: Not For Us
At this moment in time, we feel that there is only so far we can go to get a member to use search before they post their idea. The search box is top right, and includes auto-suggest, - it says to the right of the screen, "Search first before posting", it states to search in the Idea Guidelines, the duplicators ask members to use search, the Educators PM them about search and a duplicate guide is soon to go live. If someone posts an idea despite these 8 things, they are set on not using the Idea Board properly. So for the few members this might actually help, it would annoy a lot more of those who do participated properly.

I agree with this


That's actually a good idea Smiley Happy


Hope it can be implemented


I hope this is a duplicate :L 


Nah, it's a good idea, something needs to be done about it. Another option could be a box that comes up with suggestions, like when you ask an agent something. Smiley Happy

former giff-staffer

I've had a look and can't actually find any duplicates to this - there was a thread in Contribute stating the same thing, but it was never posted on the Ideas Board. 


And the other two that are similar can be solved by using the search function, 


Alas - this idea is able to be implemented technologically through our software so good luck Smiley Happy If enough members like it, we'll take it through to the meeting Smiley Happy


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It'd be nice to see some kudos!


@cim - they have the same theme - but this idea is not a duplicate! ;P


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I did see those Cim - but if you follow the duplicates, that Idea Status doesn't answer this idea, so we'll have to consider this as a New Idea so we can consider the Idea of an automatic pop up. Smiley Happy


Hope it gets implemented. Great idea!