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Duplicating - Include Searches Words

Duplicating - Include Searches Words

Loads and loads of ideas are duplicated, many of which come from new members proposing the same question, some are posted even after a search.My idea is that whenever an idea is duplicated by a duplicator, they include the words that they searched the community with.


Why is this helpful?:


1) It will show others the kinds of words searched. 


2) It will help the OP to learn how to search (if they are new.)


3) It will show the sort of searches for different ideas.  


For the little effort it takes to implement, it will have a big impact on the ideas section, perhaps reducing the number of duplicates as members will learn to search differently. 


Oh and for the record I searched: Automatic duplication, detection, duplicators include searched words. etc. 


Thanks Smiley Happy


I've just realised what the term 'OP' stands for on writing that second-to-last line! Smiley Happy

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Hey, I remember i sometimes post a comment in the idea to help Op to search with tips on how they could have searched that idea. And they did find it helpful but surely those people that repeat by purpose dont need to be educated over and over again :/ But i do understand what you mean ryan Smiley Happy
Yes as always there will be some stupid people who don't listen but they currently make up reasons for 'not seeing' the duplicate idea' but you can't do anything about them :/ thanks Smiley Happy
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This is up to our duplicators to decide if they want to, personally from duplicating ideas myself, it's from a working memory of our 7,000 ideas and the main duplicates through experience, not because I'm searching any particular words - so this couldn't be implemented in that regard.