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I have been promoting GG for roughly 2 months now, and one of the main obstacles to people joining seems to be the payment method or to be honest the lack of it.


As a 'PAYG only' network I think its about time GG adopted the E-TopUp system, the vast majority of PAYG customers pay in this fashion, and as I have found over the years in the utilities market, asking someone to ditch their current method of payment is a big no-no and doesn't make for loyal custom in the long term, even after being coerced to give GG a go they will invariably go back to E-TopUp for pure convenience regardless of how cheap it is!

GG is essentially  no use to people on the go, my mate who works away all week relies on his mobile for his job thats why he's back on Vodafone and I have to pay to ring him now!


Now I've heard the old argument of how the electronic pre-paid system costs money to implement, but GG is losing out on custom(and money) because of not having that option. Other low-cost operators such as Blyk, Asda, Tesco, Lyca and even Lebara use this system so why can't an operator supported and funded by a company already using it adopt the tried and tested E-TopUp?


The other issue is as a 'PAYG only' operator, GG seems to be snubbing it's core market the C2DE demographic class who for whatever reason do not possess suitable bank accounts, internet access  etc. These are the people crying out for GG but are being discriminated against because of their circumstances, if they get a good deal they'll normally stick with it, unlike better off punters who will ditch GG in order to get their next phone on contract with another network.


If GG has any spare cash then it must pump it into incorporating this system as this will gain and retain custom.


Those are just my thoughts coming from a northern working-class area, and to be honest the thought of queing in a newsagents to put money on my phone isn't my cup of tea, but for the vast majority of PAYG customers(GG's supposed target market) it's what they're used to and the ONLY way!


GG prides itself on being the 'people powered' network, so lets give the 'people' what they really want!


Any chance of an official GG announcement on this issue?


giffgaff are looking into e-topup vouchers as we speak Smiley Happy

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Status changed to: Working On It
We are looking into implementing this in the very near future, so watch this space Smiley Happy Cheers, Vincent

make sure there available at boots so u get ur boots pointsSmiley Tongue



Any update on the e-topup card? I'm waiting for this too.


i 2nd that on the e-top up card ( swap card )



any update on the e-top up system 


Can / should  Paypal be made a payment option?


Using Paypal to top up has previously been suggested and declined by giffgaff :


Nothing wrong with paypal as a means to selectively using some of your payback reward to buy more top up, it would be convenient and wouldn't cost GG too much if it excluded credit card payments.

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Status changed to: Implemented