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Easy PM Links for Educators

Easy PM Links for Educators

When an educator posts saying that they've fixed someone's links, they often leave a message like this one that says along the lines of "It should be fixed. If not, PM me."


Might I suggest that the "PM me" be a hyperlink to PM the educator, and that this be done wherever an educator posts something similar.

This will help new users find and use the PM functionality better.

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Yes i understand this from a new members view Smiley Happy 

And thats why i kudos'd it Smiley Wink 


And sometimes i think the their should use of imagery Smiley Wink 

As well Smiley Wink But thats my view Smiley Wink 

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Yeah.  What @as7861 said <nods wisely>.






Yeah not a bad idea but there again its not really the ed's jobs, and it would be better to fix the links full stop. Or use this link below instead of requesting a educator as this link fixs the ops messages to agents

Yes - I can support this without thinking twice Man Happy

Might I suggest that as each Educator sees where a PM might be needed, such as fixing broken links or service threads, then their direct PM link is either included within their post or in their signature?

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@oldyorkie - That's a brilliant idea. 


I love this idea, but inputting the link each time would have been a pain, but by putting it in our signatures - the link will always be there! Kudos to the idea and Kudos to you Oldyorkie!


@Hazel Smiley Happy

The obvious ones are never obvious lol. It certainly wasn't to me Smiley Very Happy


The only thing I would be concerned with though is the amount of PMs you guys would then receive instead of members contacting the agents. There would have to be strict visible guidelines on when to and when not to contact an Educator - particularly as it is one of the most common incorrect suggestions within the forums Smiley Wink

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yes good idea and another from oldyorkie . but can see edds being overwelmed with.pms about agents issues.. kudos to ya both
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The members have spoken and unfortunately this isn't what they're looking for right now. We love ideas so don't be disheartened, try again - we look forward to it! -
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