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Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Any chance of some email to SMS support? Free would be awesome ^_^


For example, -> SMS to 07712345678

Totally agree this feature would be useful for so many things, personally I would use it with my trading software to alert me to certain predefined conditions for my trade setups which happen randomly throughout the day meaning I don't have to be sat at my screen Please, please implement this service (free preferably given only a small percentage of users would utilise this feature)

@sb1 I think you have just shot yourself in the foot. There is obviously going to be a cost to set this up - you have stated that not many would use it - and you don't want to pay for it. Sorry that does not add up to profit for gg. You appear to be in business - would that attract you to it?


This can now be done using an online service called If This Then That, (pronounced 'ift', like 'lift').


As they explain on their wtf page, 

Put the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit this simple structure:
if this then that
Think of all the things you could do if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that).

Input triggers and output actions are available for most of the biggest web services, such as Facebook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Youtube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, Delicious, etc.


Perhaps of most relevance to the OP and to many of its readers are Gmail, generic email and twitter as input/trigger, and SMS to your own number as output action.


Gmail triggering can be done using filters and labels. Email using hashtags in the subject line. There are many different Twitter triggers, including hashtags.


Input feeds are checked every 15 minutes for the trigger events.


So I have a bunch of filters n Gmail that label mail 'alert', and ifttt sends the sender and the subject in a text to me.


Oh, and did I mention? It's free.


Just to add GiffGaff, you can do this free with O2 - their customers set it up by following the instructions here,/?New,Kb=Companion,question=ref%28User%29:str%28...


the other idea of sending 'On' to 202 as suggested by another poster doesnt work as ive tried it, please implement this feature GG, it would be much appreciated.



Would be good for automatic alerts from servers, i wanted this for alerts from my VPS.


this would be really usefull, O2 manage itso it must be possible,


I for one would definitly use this to monitor pc's server's etc.

This would really set GiffGaff out from other mobile providers who don't offer anything like this at the moment, I think it should be free until you go over a certain threshold. I'll leave this to GiffGaff to decide Smiley Very Happy


EDIT: This must be possible as there are websites that do it


I too would love to see this.  A website is better than nothing. 


i would pay a fair fee for this service, it would enable me to setup sms alerts for when services on my personal server are going skewiff... i currently use this service with mon (server monitor open source software on linux) and a 3rd party sms gateway... but i feel i pay too much atm...


also, somthing for giffgaff to think about i'm sure this would be usefull to many businesses for exactly the same purpose...

I'd love to have an interface on the website which lets me send an SMS to any phone number, charged the same way as if I'd texted it from my phone. It'd be useful if my phone dies and I need to contact someone. But I seem to be in the minority on this thread.


For API-style uses and email-to-SMS, I wish I could kudo @freebairn again and again. is limited, but good at what it does. I like it.