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Emergency credit

Emergency credit

Have a basicly like a life saver of say about £5 to save you if you hit rock bottom Smiley Happy you can set it up on the website and then when you hit a certain amount you can have it kick in for example 10p left the emergency credit would kick in most of us have been there on are phones with no money on are phones and you can't call and as giff gaff online it takes longer to get there so you might need some more credit before you get there Smiley Happy
That sounds like a good idea
I boldly went...
This is nice idea please support original idea as it would be considered duplicate
How is it duplicate there idea is gg lending money but my idea is that you have bought emergency money
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It's been metioned before, here


You need to do something with your phone boxes, and all you other CRAZY ideasSmiley LOL

I think this is a really good idea. Maybe have the amount of emergency credit you get depend on which goodybag you buy or how much credit you top up. And restrict it too only allow you to call out and text. So basically you could have 20 text messages and 20 mins of talk time something like that.
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A closer idea to this is actually this one


which discusses storing a credit reserve for later use.


Rather than giffgaff having to design an additional 'pot' that stores such credit, why not just buy a topup voucher and keep it in reserve in your wallet or purse. Paper vouchers have validity between 6 months to a year, and as a backup in case you lose the paper voucher just record the voucher code in your phone in a text or some notepad option so you always have it to hand.

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Thanks darren....good pointSmiley Wink

Good idea
I ate the FAQ
I ate the FAQ

@diwatty did you search on this? as this is needed before posting on the ideas board, have a look here