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Emergency credit

Emergency credit

I think it’ll be a great idea to have it so when you top up you can select £1 or a value around that as emergency credit. By emergency credit i mean credit thats not shown until your credit is at £0.00 so if you where stuck somewhere couldnt ring anyone as you have no credit youd have a £1 emergency credit Smiley Very Happy


if you like the idea kudos Smiley Very Happy





It's simpler to use the existing option to set automatic top-ups, and not limited to a nominal £1


The idea was if you didnt have enough money to have automatic top ups so youd have a credit in emergencies


Something like tescos ping me a pound Smiley Happy


Only trouble is that you've then got the issue of getting the money back. What if the person doesn't top up again?


Why not keep an eye on your credit? I know its a bit old fashioned but hey it works Smiley Happy


I was told virgin or was it 3 , anyway one of them give/gave 5 free texts when you didnt have enough credit to connect the call. It came up as an option when they said you is out of credit, do you want to send a text. 


Thing is with free credit I can see people abusing it. I guess only recompense is if someone does it often then to take away the facility, but then its all extra work when simply keeping an eye on credit works. You know some of us got by in the days before phones so running out of credit is not really that bad.


ps... emergencies require dialing 999 and that is always free


I think its a great idea and most mobile companies now do something simmilar like O2 so the lend a quid service and organe give you 1 minute free when your credit has ran out. its great in emergencies for if you have broken down have no credit etc... even if you have your wallet with you it wouldnt really help you as you cant top up on giffgaff by calling them you have to be at a shop or online.

if giffgaff are worried about getting their money back instead of doing it as a loan they could make an option so that you can set £1 of your own credit aside and hide it so its actually taken it off your credit but you cant see it untill you run out of credit they could put an option on the top up line to say something like "press 2 to activate your emergency credit" and then poof your pound appears again giffgaff loose out on nothing as it came from your credit anyway and the customer is happy as they can now call themselves a tow lol just an example but you get the idea everyone is a winner lol Smiley Happy

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We can't accept this as we feel people should keep an eye on their balance themselves and we have implemented plenty of tools in order for members to be able to do this.
Something like this should be implemented. It could help specially for people like very old or a child who forget to topup or always need someone else topup for them. Every sim has to buy a £10 topup to activate the sim. So the risk of not recharging is less, or i think so!



Some of you may fear being in an emergancy situation without your phone, but what if you have you phone but with no credit on it?   NOT NICE


If someone if in either a life threatening situation or need to contact someone in am emergancy and they have no credit they could be in some serouis trouble.


My plan is to offer an emergancy credit of £5. The way you activate it is by calling a free number that either conects you to a automated message system where you have to answer some quick question about the situation by using the dial pad. 


Once this is complete the £5 will isntalty be added to your account for 1 day.


allowing it for 1 day aviods any chances of people spaming the system for free credit.


after a few days giffgaff will ask you to pay of what you used, and im sure people wouldnt mind if they found the service useful.




- possiblity you are saving lives


- offering a unuiqe serivce 


- doesnt cost giffgaff anything apart from getting automated message and dail code




- some people could try to abuse the system





To combat people abusing the system the automated message could have a serouise warning (Im pretty sure it illegal to mess around with emergancy service so this could be spoken)


Also as its only active for 1 day it would be pointless for trying to get the credit


It wouldnt be 'Free' as the customer would need to pay back what she used at a later date.




This is a feature that proberaly wouldnt be used very much as most people would have credit and or dont get into emerganecy situations very often but its good to know its there. Espicellely as children use giffgaff as its cheap they might really need it due to them not haveing much credit ect...


You might say the emergency serivce is free to call, but i mean it as in calling parents and loved ones in emercengy situations.



I dont think it would cost giffgaff too much in exchange for the chance of saving lives.


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This has been suggested (and rejected) a few times already.


There is no real need for any complicated "emercency credit" scheme as we already have something to cover/prevent that with the "Auto Top-up".