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Featured post/event of the week

Featured post/event of the week

I think it'd be nice if giffgaff did a bit more promotion of their events of the week. Today Vincent announced the 'deal of the week' but I found out about it via PM from Zobia, I'd never have heard about it otherwise. Last week was the photo event, I think they should do more to promote these on the community homepage as featured items. That Blackberry banner has been there for a month now ans although it might be useful to some I'd like to see something new there, they could use the same area to promote something new going on in the community every week. The Keith and Orville video could have been featured there for example.



your right iv not heard about the deal of the week. It should have better promotion

There's been a few things like that recently but they all seem to be isolated, never venturing outside their own threads. There isn't really a notice board about what's new and what's happening, there is the blog but that's not really giffgaff focused anymore now it's been opened up to members too so I think there really should be a 'shop window' as it were.


I've missed the odd event so gets a thumbs up from me.


any change like this is good, it keeps the site dynamic and interesting


I have another idea on the sidebar in the ideas section, I think it's my mission to make it more relevant than it currently is Smiley Tongue


Good idea. I had completely missed this too.


I often miss things like this because they aren't well promited.  You get my vote.


I have not heard of events of the week before now.

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Nice Idea Stephen Smiley Happy We're now looking into more ways to promote community events - as well as the one you've outlined above Smiley Happy