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Fix link to pricing on dashboard page

Fix link to pricing on dashboard page

On the dashboard there's a list of links on the left side of the page.


The first link says:


The problem is, the target page contains nothing whatsoever about goodybags.



I suggest the single link is replaced by two new links, as follows:



This issue is seen on both the desktop and mobile site. Originally the pricing page contained details of pay as you go rates, goodybags, international calls and roaming rates. When the latter three items were moved off to separate new pages, several years ago, the clickable text of links pointing at the original page were not updated to reflect the reduced content on the target page.



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This involves finding this HTML code on the dashboard page:


<li><a href="/index/pricing">giffgaff's goodybags and prices</a></li>


and replacing it with this HTML code:


<li><a href="/index/pricing">giffgaff pay as you go rates</a></li>

<li><a href="/index/goodybags">giffgaff goodybags</a></li>




I can't see this problem on chrome on android, on mobile or full site. Maybe it is only visible when not logged in?
I still can't see a list on the left of the dashboard. I see a list of buttons across the top, which shows links when I hover on it. On the "Our Offer" button, the links for "goodybags" and for "UK prices" both work correctly. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7.
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Status changed to: Working On It

Set to 'Working on it.'


Hey there. Thanks for highlighting this. We're working on getting this fixed ASAP.


So, 'fixing it' ends up with the first six links being removed?



The six links are back on the full site and the first link now points to


There's now no link to the pay as you go pricing.


 The first six links do not show up on the mobile version of the site.



This idea involves the cut and paste of one line of HTML code, or the typing of less than 70 characters. As such it involves tens of seconds of work.


The status has been "Working on it" for more than four months, but no further work has been done. What's the hold up?



Three months later and all of the links in that column were removed in the recent page redesign.