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Fix the Ask an Agent link

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Fix the Ask an Agent link

Back when I joined giffgaff, there was this odd bug with the website -- sometimes, new joiners would be unable to "ask an agent". The link simply wouldn't work.


Today -- more than half a year later -- the same problem exists.


I see that there are ideas out there regarding this, such as Proactive Fix for Ask an Agent and Replies, but these ideas are flawed: they assume giffgaff is working on a fix, and suggesting a mitigating strategy until such a fix is in place.


Given that there is no idea being kudosed about ACTUALLY FIXING THE BUG, I am beginning to wonder if anybody is working on it. So I would like to suggest that GIFFGAFF ACTUALLY FIX THIS ******* BUG.


It seems completely ridiculous that the only means provided to contact the company in regards to account-related issues simply does not function for a significant number of the customers. This should be fixed, and there should be some sort of proactive process in place to address these issues *before* customers notice and come to the forum to help.


This whole thing is getting a little shameful.

Hi mrtop It maybe flawed but its still a duplicate im afraid I agree with u totally but u should go and support the above idea and give your points of veiw there Smiley Happy
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mrtopp wrote:
This whole thing is getting a little shameful.

I agree. Everything seems to be geared towards getting new customers with no thought about how to treat them once they arrive.

@solid247: It's not a duplicate of that one -- if you had bothered to read what I had written, you would note that I termed that exact post "similar", linked to it, and explained why the two are different. I'll explain again: this "idea" is to fix a bug with the website that fundamentally damages the service; the other "idea" assumes someone is fixing the bug - I have to figure wrongly, at this point - and suggests that giffgaff deal with the issue proactively while it's being fixed. It's shameful that these things even need to be raised in the "ideas" section, and go through this process. Like it's some kind of special idea that obvious bugs that force giffgaff employees to scramble reactively to problems that shouldn't exist ought to be dealt with.
giffgaff head-scratcher

As the originator of the idea mentioned, it didn't assume a fix was being put into place permanently, that only came up in one of the later comments when it was explained that the issue arose for people who did a port request without having first ever using the ask an agent link for something. and that giffgaff had stated they were intended to resolve it with a system update (that never materliased)


My whole focus was on asking giffgaff to do whatever manual process is used to fix the bug as an automated process against accounts . i.e a proactive check for it rather than a re-active and messy visible problem that gives a bad first impression.


However I do support your comment that by now it has dragged on long enough and the whole issue needs to be resolved to get some semblence of service back into the system.