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Fix up the shop

Fix up the shop

Some of you may be aware of the Giffgaff shop at , some of you may not. For those  that don't know, the shop is a useless waste of bandwidth containing three keyrings, a (soon to be out of date) 2011 calendar and a free sim ordering section.


Now I know that the  average Giffgaff customer is ten times more loyal than any O2 customer and would be more than happy (almost proud) to wear and display Giffgaff things so why does the shop not actually have anything worth buying?


Quite a simple idea this, first step, sell decent stuff. The recent competition where hundreds of people got prizes proved that Giffgaff can make branded things like stickers, phone socks, bags, bottle openers and that was just what I got, why can't they sell branded things like this. Stickers at the very least and t-shirts would be good too (we know they have them from the sim in a box).


Stage 2 of the idea is to put the shop on the main site with a tab at the top labelled SHOP, it does look bit crowded up there right now but does blog really need a tab when it's the first topic in the community anyway? That would be the ideal place for it and making that into a link to the already existing shop should be childs play.


Let me know what you all think, I'd buy Giffgaff stuff if they actually sold any

Wow most things are well expensive what?

Exactly, they've proved that they can make branded things so why not sell branded things and make the shop useful and not just an overpriced non-entity


great idea, we need some gg memorabilia Smiley Wink

heavy hitter

Good idea I'm all for this!


By the way this'll get marked as a dulicate of an idea that Giffgaff should sell pens anytime now

head honcho

wow well at those astonishing prices, if giffgaff were to sell things better then keyrings, how much would they the question???


Well Mr Mitchell one can only guess, as it is advertising then you#d think that they shouldn't cost a great deal above what's paid.


I'm interested to see what people think on this actually, should the shop be there for straightforward profit or should some things like t-shirts be thought of as paying for themselves with the advertising that they do? It must be a balance at least.


T-shirts would probably be a snip at £600.

id like a sticker to cover the orange logo on my phone+id happily pay a pound if they made it possible to pay from my airtime credit (dont know if thats already an option but it would be really handy if it was) :-)

Little phone stickers to cover your previous operator logo would be great! I really hate them, the Orange logos on Blackberries are hideous.