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Free Facebook

Free Facebook

Facebook recently launched a low bandwidth mobile version of their site( and have made some agreements with operators to allow their users to access it for free. for more information. I think it would be great if giffgaff did this.


Well, yes, free always sounds good - probably earn plenty of kudos points - but, why should facebook be an exception?

I probably access google services more than facebook on my phone - why should one person have facebook for free and yet I have to pay to access google?


Yes, ok, "facebook for free" is a nice selling point I suppose - but GG will have to pay for that free-ness with charges elsewhere.


Data is free for another month anyway - and the cheapest data goodybag is only a tenner after that period. I'm personally more content with the good value overall, rather than have more freebies and say higher call/text charges.



At the risk of sounding like a 'grumpy old man' I cant help feeling the users most likely to be hammering Facebook are hammering everything else enough to need a £10+ goodybag and dont need free access!

agreed why just facebook they should not be allowed an monopoly doing this. if free for facebook the others like twitter etc should be too. i cringe facebook now on how they are manipulating there monopoly with the social networking.

If facebook want free access from Giffgaff, they should pay for it, not the other way round. In my view, this does more to promote facebook than it does the mobile phone operators. I also see no reason to promote facebook over other social networks. I would imagine that you would get to use this for free for the next month anyway because data is still free. Once data is charged for, doubtless it is free with a £10 or higher goodybag anyway.

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Status changed to: Working On It
We have been looking into this and I am pleased to say this will become a feature with giffgaff. We don't have an exact date for implementation.


Answered my above question Smiley Very Happy but has twitter got the same like


This is a great idea!


Not a fan of Facebook myself but it would be nice to get an update on this. There are a few outstanding accepted ideas and it would be nice to see them updated and implemented.



former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Working On It
We are asking O2 about this

Facebook seem to be slowly scrapping the sms system - I can't send or receive private messages and several other features any more as they are trying to get everyone onto the facebook app. The trouble is the facebook app uses data rather than sms. Smiley Sad I would need to use data jsut to check for messages which is unsuitable as it would cost me 20p a day!


Free access to the facebook mobile site or free data for the messenger system would be amazing if it is possible.