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Free GG to GG to renew when goodybag is purchased from existing airtime credit

Free GG to GG to renew when goodybag is purchased from existing airtime credit

My proposal is to simply change things so as to allow the free to GG call period to reset for a new 3 months whenever a new goody bag is purchased from the EXISTING AIRTIME CREDIT MONEY.

I am amazed it is not like this anyway! It almost seems like a bug in the GG software systems.

Some time ago, unaware of the way this worked, I added a significant amount of airtime credit as a one off payment. My intention was to buy my monthly goodybags from the airtime credit as needed.

I fully expected the free to GG calls 3 month period to renew each month when I renewed my goodybags. It doesn't!! It only renews as and when one buys a goody bag directly with card payment OR when adding new airtime credit using either card or voucher payment, AFAIK.

This seems very wrong to me. I think most users would expect buying a new goodybag by ANY funding method would renew the free GG to GG calls period for a further 3 months.

So the way things are now is a pretty strong DISINCENTIVE to topping up with large amounts that might take several months to eat into. Surely GG should not penalise the customer in any way should he decide to maintain a nice healthy top up credit balance (which is earning interest in the GG bank presumably?). Yet that is exactly what this is doing!

So it does not benefit those who choose to pay generously well in advance. This system rewards those who only top up just enough for a month or two. Very counterintuitive in my opinion.

If you agree, please vote your support by clicking on the orange large kudos up arrow in the upper left corner of this post. This proposal will not get even considered for implementation by GG staff unless it gets plenty of kudos points. So get voting please.

Thank you.


UPDATE 19/3/2014 I just noticed that on the Goodybag page here... ALL the bags have bullet points on them stating 'free GG to GG'. This is somewhat misleading as if you buy all your bags from an existing large balance for 3 months or more consecutively (with no topping up) then you deffo don't get free to GG calls and texts. So that makes my present idea even more needed IMO. If this gets implemented, then whichever way goodybags are paid for, they would ALWAYS include free to GG services, which is what those bullet points somewhat erroneously suggest they do now!!

Another way of looking at all this.... Buy just a puny humble £5 bag using card payment and it resets a new full 3 month free to GG period, Great. Yet buy a huge prestige £20 bag from your credit balance and it doesn't reset the free to GG at all! Bonkers.

Thanks to all for the support on this this so far! Please keep the kudos coming in the upper left arrow. If it gets enough, I feel it is sure to be implemented.
Hi, No you will have to use your goodie bag mins now for gg to ggSmiley Sad

Dont forget most people end up with lots of airtime credit not because they have topped up large amounts  but because they have taken their payback as airtime credit.


Maybe thats one of the reasons giffgaff prefer not too include free gg calls for buying a goodybag  from airtime credit.



Hi Stuntdouble


That may be the case. However, payback is (or should be) virtually the same as cash in my books. Anyway, if that is the reason, it is up to GG to tell us so when they consider it.


It is in all of our (as customers) interest to ask for this idea to be considered. So please vote to support it. 


If GG can't or won't do it for whatever reason, then they can explain that in due course.


if you would like thus feature to be implemented, then please kudos it, regardless of whether or not you think GG will want to or are able to do it. That is the only way it will get looked at.





whatever I said...

Hi Prawlin



  i am totally with you on this one, airtime credit is still cash whether taken as credit or topped up by the individual and shouldn't be treated differently.

+1 Smiley Happy

I second this idea
I don't think giffgaff will go for this because they want the fresh cash. However, I will support it as the current system encourages people to take payback as cash and then topup when it suits them. This must cost giffgaff in comparison with hanging on to the money and avoiding transaction charges.

This is an amazing idea because people whod don't like using topping up very often will do what you do and they will be missing out despite the fact that they are spending the same amount of money as everyone else and doing almost the exact same thing as everyone else.


You have my support on this idea. Smiley Happy

It's similar to this one I had about people that take there payback as credit :


giffgaff are looking into implementing that but it would be nice if they could do it in time for June's payback don't you agree? 

Feel free to support the idea as an idea can never have to much support! Smiley Wink

Hi i support this.