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Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

BT Openzone and other Wi-Fi hotspts are popping up every now and then, and other networks such as O2, Vodafone etc has taken advantage of it. Isn't it time GiffGaff did the same?


As more and more people are taking up 3G phones and using it to browse the internet, the network usage can take up severe strain, causing low reception (or whatever the technical name is). If GiffGaff starts providing free wifi (maybe limited), then that strain can be reduced.



Implement Free Wi-Fi into Goodybags, preferably from £5 as £10 already gives Unlimited Internet


P.S. Sorry if this idea has already come forward



I used it when with O2 on a regular basis and found it to be reliable.....

You can get 500 minutes a month WiFi with BTOpenzone for a fiver a month....Other packages available......I'd rather gg keep their costs down and use it that way...

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As we are a low cost operation and have unlimited internet on our goodybags, so adding hot spots all over the country, we feel isn't needed as well as that it would go against the grain of our low cost operation.

Hopefully this will be irrelevant soon.  I have read in some tech pages that O2 are rolling out small cell wi-fi connections for everyone across the country - for free.  We await with baited breath (as the saying goes).


I think no one is suggesting GiffGaff install their own hotspots but partner with an existing network like you've done with 3G. I agree it is less important to customers given unlimited 3G (except that it would usually give a faster service and would plug some holes in O2's 3G coverage). However it should (in theory) reduce GiffGaff operating costs (some of which savings might be passed on). If WiFi was available in the unlimited internet bundle (at no extra cost) some 3G use would be substituted by WiFi use. Given the wholesale price of WiFi would be cheaper than 3G this should reduce the operating costs.


I think this is a great idea.  have giffgaff actually approached the relavent providers to find out how much this would actually cost?