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GiffGaff Contract?

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GiffGaff Contract?

I've noticed that a main problem with getting people to join GiffGaff is that some people like Contract, it what they know and serves them just fine..


Surely A GiffGaff Contract would be the best thing since Sliced bread - obviously with the option of Pay as you go... still get points etc. for reffering somone did GiffGaff Contract. and If buying in Bulk GiffGaff could get the phones for a good price. ???

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giffgaff have stated on many occasions that they do not intend implementing contracts


which is marked as a duplicate of

which is marked as not suitable



The main point about Giffgaff is that there is no contracts it is Giffgaff unique selling point by keeping things simple

giffgaff head-scratcher
Implementing contracts would put off many people. Giffgaff is supposed to be what the community wants

Okay ! but why should it be held back by its 'unique selling point' when its unique selling point could be the amazing deals you get on it !? I don't see why GiffGaff is so anti- Contract.


It would fulfill consumer needs

It would get GiffGaff more money - with which the could improve giffgaff

and in return the users would be happier...


It's a circle of happiness !

It's not part of the business plan, and with good reason. Contracts, selling handsets etc bring more costs, more staff etc. In the end, GG would be indistinguishable from the main operators.

It would be possible to have a sim only contract though alongside the pay as you go offer. It would just work like goodybags except Giffgaff would take the money out automatically, I'm sure some people would prefer that. And to me Giffgaffs selling point is the price, which would be unaffected by the use of contracts. Just my thoughts though.




Contracts mean chasing payments, prepay means money up front...


Contracts mean - ID checks, Credit Reference agency checks, setting up direct debits from your bank and putting your cross on the contract and sending it to giffgaff - way too expensive.