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GiffGaff- Mobile Broadband

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GiffGaff- Mobile Broadband


I have an idea as an new product giffgaff can look towards, mobile broadband.


many other networks provide this, such as "T-Mobile" "3" "vodafone" including "02", I'm not sure 100% how it would work but since giffgaff uses 02's network, I'm guessing that it could be possible to use their broadband network too maybe. Or since giffgaff provides Internet for your mobile would it be possible to use the same MB in a dongle form? excuse me if thats a really silly thing to think and it dousent work like that at all. But I think mobile broadband is defiantly a realistic possibility for giffgaff. 


since mobile broadband works on a dongle, I'm thinking giffgaff can give dongles, just like the sims, and in the same way as the sims people can top-up and pay online perhaps. And if giffgaff can offer the great deals on mobile broadband, just like the great deals for mobiles, it would be great and appeal to everyone who uses the Internet. I'm sure current giffgaff users would be the first to be interested knowing that giffgaffs the cheapest network around, that is if giffgaff could also be the cheapest mobile broadband around. So viceversa anyone looking for cheap broadband and going with giffgaff would probably want to join giffgaff as thier phone network aswell. So it would bring many more giffgaffers!


I'm not sure how complicated this would be to set up, but I defiantly think it should be considered.

anyone agree??




Please search before you post, is all I can be bothered to say.


why? well can you send me the link??

I'm right...
khairul bit harsh , were not all perfect , sometimes when you do a search it does NOT come up with what your looking for . it all depends on if you roughly know what to put in the search box .

allrite i searched it, yea its been thought of, but i have a few more points in my post and idea like how it will benifit giffgaff and marketing. also how it could possibly work if the dongle was given free and you would top-up to activate it much of the same way the sims work. i know dongles are more exspensive than sims but giffgaff dosnt have to use the very exspensive ones. once apon a time you had to pay for sims, but now thier given out free and you just have to top-up to activate it networks are earning alot more money from that. so possibly it could be the same case if the dongles are given out free.

sorry for posting an idea allready sent through, but i have a few more ideas a with it that maybe giffgaff would like to hear. and if not im just showing what a good idea it is!