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GiffGaff Referral Links

Status: Implemented
by adamboutcher on ‎10-07-2010 03:36

How about making buttons / links to request a GiffGaff Sim card and say view information about GiffGaff that are referral links.


For example I could Tweet "Check out GiffGaff's prices" and a link (i.e. giffgaff.com?ref=adamboutcher) and that goes to the info and I get say 10points


Where as I could also put "request a GiffGaff Sim" and a link (i.e. giffgaff.com/sim?ref=adambouctcher) and that goes to the sim request page which could give me 50 points, also this could mean when the sim card is activated I would get the 500 points from that too.


This would allow for more Internet links on blogs, tweets, websites etc.

Status: Implemented
We have implemented this, and are testing it at the moment.
by vincent
on ‎21-07-2010 15:59
Status changed to: Implemented
We have implemented this, and are testing it at the moment.
by adamboutcher
on ‎06-08-2010 16:36

oh awesome. Thank you very much.

by vanburen
on ‎10-08-2010 12:21

Is there an ETA on when this will be available?

by brradley
on ‎10-08-2010 12:58
Soon. That's all we know.
by baldrick
on ‎16-09-2010 18:28

Any news? Just thought of this idea but am glad someone else is on the case already!

by simmeon
on ‎17-09-2010 00:09
referral links people avoid. it will turn spammy just watch.
by jonmd
on ‎31-10-2010 14:42

There already seems to be an abuse of this check out cow.neodragon.net referral link: https://www.lolagrove.com/LeadGenerationPage.ashx?E=197&L=1167&P36=RSBFLP&AFF=khlo&UrlRef=http%3a%2f...

It look like it has copied whole sections of the giffgaff site from some months ago, including logos, etc. It must be a blatant breach of copyright, etc.

by vanburen
on ‎31-10-2010 17:25



It looks like the link is through lolagrove.com, which appears to be a lead generation platform. 


If you click on the "Giff Gaff* " link in this MSE article, it takes you through to the same page at lolagrove.


This leads me to believe giffgaff has a relationship with lolagrove, and possibly set the page up themselves.


I'm sure giffgaff rep could advise if that's the case or not. 


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