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GiffGaff annual meeting of Staff and users

GiffGaff annual meeting of Staff and users

I am suggesting that GiffGaff have a once a year gathering of all who would like to Get Together (GTG) in a logical venue.


This is a well tested and tried method of promotion of a company.  O2 sort of do it with their Priority system for O2 users.


There are several advantages to this idea.


The main one is the promotion of their network and a place where people can get to see everyone connected with GiffGaff in an official but light heated way. 


Another advantage would be that GiffGaff users could swap ideas and I am sure some good would come out of it for GiffGaff.


There is an obvious place to hold this gathering … GiffGaff have some connections with a well known company “O2”. So the obvious place would be the O2 centre in London on a weekend day


Entertainment and refreshment could also be laid on and even if costs had to be covered by GiffGaff members with a small charge payable in advance from their credit I think there may well be sufficient takers for this idea.


Another way of covering costs would be to allow Mobile hone companies and accessory makers to promote their products. They would obviously like to show off their latest and best products to us all in the hope that we buy one of their products. A cheap form of advertising to an already interested audience.


GiffGaff come in for plenty of “Stick” on their forum .. Generally people seem to only write a post if they are having a problem or want to complain and this looks bad always.. I am sure there are far more users who are totally happy but you never hear from those.. Incidentally I am one of the happy ones, but, I use the forum to gain ideas and also to help others who are having problems.


So GiffGaff Company … What do you think of the idea ?


GiffGaff users … What do you think of the idea ?

Great- Keep us posted.
I brought this up with you hazel, about the agm
Aha.. Check me using the search function Smiley Wink that'll get me some brownie points heehee Ok first off, hazel's bottom reply on the first page cracked me up.. Haha.. I was gonna say whatever is planned im quite sure giffgaff could cover it (or just ask uzzzy haha) Anyway.. I was just gonna suggest something along these lines so I've just kudos'd urs instead.. I missed out on the crimbo party so yeah maybe a mid summer one is a good idea Smiley Happy hazel mentioned a bbq, depends on numbers but yeah that'd be cool! London isn't ideal tho.. Scots would be forking out to get down, I reckon somewhere mid-uk, im crap with geography so can't give you an example but you know what i mean Smiley Happy Anyway.. Lets get it gwarnin! Haha
Hmm nice line breaks going on there Smiley Wink
  • I like the idea of summer gathering i would like to see events at music/art/book festivals , and also at fresher days universitys spreading the giffgaff brand  a stall at say 6 festivals that are free to public , get giffgaff users to turn up and promote giffgaff with leaflets , posters , free sim card giveaways on day , users who turn up divide new customers payback after some overheads are taken away just in liverpool i know of 4-6 events that attract 50,00 people , ... Use the print you own flyers , posters ,