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Gifffgaff Mobile Store

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Gifffgaff Mobile Store

I was wondering I giffgaff can also open an online store and sell O2 or unlocked phones to its customers at cheaper prices then Carphonewarehouse and Phones4u

grand master

No they aren't interested in selling phones and that idea has been suggested loads of times I'm afraid.

You need to do a search before posting new ideas, if you need any help then just let me know Smiley Happy

duplicate pal as giffgaff have already said no to this idea
giffgaff; ergo sum

OOPSS SORRY, I 'll search next time before posting Smiley Tongue

grand master

That's ok morvin, but watch out there is a suggestion to fine people for suggesting duplicatesSmiley Happy  LOLSmiley Wink

rocket scientist


Take your pick

And you could also write

Not Suitable

This is not suitable for giffgaff as there are other sites specifically set up for this and much better at it than giffgaff could ever be. On top of that giffgaff does not want the responsibility to sort out disputes.


Not Suitable

This is not suitable for giffgaff as we try to keep our costs as low as possible, so by not subsidising mobiles like other networks, we can keep our prices much lower.


Yeah this definitely looks familiar.

@Yaakov - how do you know those two do it? Aren't there others too?

rocket scientist

there are

but i dont know exactly who

and theyve done most of the recent ones

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rocket scientist

sorry andreww never knew you did duplicates as well.

what about the other links?

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Hi yaakov1 - the original link is always the best one to link to (rather than other duplicates) Smiley Wink