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Giffgaff Merchandise

Giffgaff Merchandise

I'd like to see some sort off giffgaff merchadise e.g stickers, t-shirt, posters, mugs. To help promote giffgaff Smiley Very Happy


T shirts and caps available already :


and just PM me if you want anything else added in the shopSmiley Happy


So why is this not linked anywhere else?


it's not directly managed by the giffgaff towers but by myself - and they are fine with it


it used to be in a pinned post before I popped of for a bit I don't if it still is right now (disscussion area)

and it's not on the main navigation bar since they are not managing it and it's not an important part of  providing the service in itself (ie getting users signed up, topping up, being supported and collaborating)

former giff-staffer