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Giffgaff carrier name

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by alpdadude on ‎19-01-2011 19:05

In these modern days, it is all about  trend  setting and being different, by having GiffGaff instead of 02-uk as a carrier name it would stand out of the crowd , especially on an Iphone 

Anybody agree ?

by lordofangels
on ‎19-01-2011 19:08

agree, it does on most phones not iphones, though thats apple for ya

by giffgaff head-scratcher darrenpainter
on ‎19-01-2011 19:08

Due to the way that iphone settings are controlled through ipcc files and itunes, this is outside of giffgaff's control. Attempts have been made to get apple to allow a seperate giffgaff carrier file to no avail




by nbrown21
on ‎20-01-2011 13:22

I'd agree with lordofangels - I put my giffgaff sim into an old Nokia 6020 from back in 2004 and it picked up the network being giffgaff rather than o2

by marvel andy0 marvel
on ‎20-01-2011 14:25

I'm not sure what trend setting is happening. This was implemented on other phones somewhere between 15 and 10 years ago. .

by hazel22
on ‎20-08-2011 14:53
Status changed to: Not For Us
This is because as the 'mobile network run by you' we can only consider ideas that have 10 or more Kudos and yours did not receive that in over 6 months. Your idea will be revisited if it receives 10 or more at a later stage though! Thanks so much for contributing to the improvement of the community - it is appreciated Kind regards, Hazel.
by as7861
on ‎02-01-2012 23:24
Status changed to: Idea Vault

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