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Giffgaff emails

Giffgaff emails

Can I suggest that all emails from Giffgaff to members start by including the member name. This is for members such as myself who have more than one account so get some emails without knowing to which account they refer to.

I think the emails are automatic, so that's why they are all the same, the would take a long time for everyones name to go on it

That's a good idea. I'm in the same position as yourself and would find this useful. 


when we recieve emails from gg it says from giff gaff on anyway...but it would be helpful


What a great idea.


Re post from Billy, I know the emails are from giffgaff - what I often don't know is to which of my accounts they are addressed if they don't contain my user name.


Status changed to: Idea Vault
Forum emails already do as that is something decided by Lithium, giffgaff have said that all emails from them will include you name and not username as they prefer the more personal, and direct approach to things.

duplicate to what samlowe?


giffgaff should also use the member user name ie for myself darkrage


I think this should be reviewed again as more and more of us track our activations over multi accounts and need the user name to be able to check they have been added to our activations.  I have had a couple of emails from gg but when ive checked my accounts the recruit is nowhere to be seen - also agents cant deal with this problem as it gets escalated to hq by them.

Erm this idea should not be duplicated as its an original idea asking that the username be added to the email , for means of identifaction on individuals accounts which are topped up by the main family member ?