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Giffgaff needs to be competitive again

Giffgaff needs to be competitive again

Increasingly the competition has come closer to giffgaff offering and in fact in may cirumstances have beaten  the goodybags on offer. The market now is fierce. I would like Giffgaff to regularly review its goodybags on a monthly basis that we are indeed getting the best prices they can offer given to this fierce competition.


Some if not all these offerings are beating giffgaff hands down and we all want the cheapest as possible around.


Kingdom Mobile on EE


Kingdom £5550 minutes to other UK networksUnlimited texts to other UK networks1 GB Data UsageUnlimited calls and texts from Kingdom to Kingdom.

To buy Kingdom 5 send TEXT/SMS with Bundle NAT5 to 1244
Kingdom £101000 minutes to other UK networksUnlimited texts to other UK networksUnlimited Data UsageUnlimited calls and texts from Kingdom to Kingdom.

To buy Kingdom10 send TEXT/SMS with Bundle NAT10 to 1244
Kingdom £202000 minutes to other UK networksUnlimited texts to other UK networksUnlimited Data Usage




Asda Mobile 




100 mins

2000 texts

100MB data



300 mins

Unlimited texts

500MB data



600 mins

Unlimited texts

1GB data



1000 mins

Unlimited texts

2GB data


Vectone Mobile on  EE


Unlimited Texts Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Data £10



Delight Mobile on EE




500 UK Minutes

Unlimited UK Texts

2000MB Data

Unlimited Delight to Delight





Unlimited UK Minutes

Unlimited UK Texts

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Delight to Delight


As you can see the market is fighting now and I do feel the goodybags on GG could be better. If they had monthly reviews and actually compare with the REAL market not just the ones they want to match like o2 EE and Vodafone you would keep more custom




100% agree with you,,,,,,,a kudo from me.


Completely agree.  Seems I'm not the only one who checked out what the competition had to offer, despite having been with GiffGaff for many years.  The offering simply isn't marketbeating anymore. 


It used to be when explaining Giffgaff to non-users that their concerns were about the brand being unknown.  Now, they can immediately quite other companies offering more or the same for less. Losing unlimited data was a big blow, considering the competitors kept it.



grand master

Oh wow... I really hadn't realised how fierce the competition has gotten!


Also the new mobile network iD. It has great prices.




Matching the cheapest prices would probably increase data use and clog the gg network even more? gg is already struggling to provide half decent data speeds as it is.


Personally I'd rather see improvements in data service than a big price cut - otherwise I think gg would be in a race to the bottom for both price and service quality.


I do agree that GiffGaff isn't quite as competetive as it was - the business model of basically no customer service but cheap and cheerful operation is a good one, but increasingly its under threat from other budget services. GiffGaff needs to decide whether thats what its going to remain - in which case it needs to address pricing soon. 

Cheapest price is never the be all and end all, ovio proved that. There always has to be a balance between price and your expectations. Some folk think BMW's are the best thing since sliced bread and some think they are just a tin can with a wheel at each corner. You pays your money and takes your choice.

Delight mobile has it for me, £30 free credit to switch, £2 less a month for roughly the same offer.  The 0844/5/70 numbers are a bit of an issue - they're twice as expensive, but I rarely call them with saynoto0870.


On 2nd thoughts looking at the very large number of complaints and obvious forum spamming both Delight and Vectone to try and bolster their image, I think I'll avoid them both.


It would be good to see unlimited scrapped and make the £10 deal 2GB internet.


could not agree more, when i joined it was unlimited internet for £10 now it is 20, double the price !!