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Giffgaff theme

How about doing a giffgaff theme for phones like o2 orange etc put on the phones when you get them? Put it on the my giffgaff page for people to download at present my screen saver comes up as the o2 one and I get people think I'm on o2 it would be cool to have a funky giffgaff one. If giffgaff can't do this is there anywhere that let's you create a theme?

There are theme apps available i used a online one for a sony ericsson theme a few years back ill see if i can find it Smiley Happy

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sort of like this idea proposed

It suggested giffgaff wallpapers, screensavers , ringtones etc

Searched giffgaff them but nothing relevant came up, thanks for that link hope I can get something for the blackberry
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