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Giffgaff: your recruits page custom sorting

Giffgaff: your recruits page custom sorting

Now that we're getting more and more recruits,specially Microgaff agents, its getting harder and harder to keep track of our activations. It would be great to be able to view all the recruits sorted by activation date. So that we can see which of our friends have activated and who didn't and to better monitor daily recruits. Give kudos if you think alike:-)
Yeah think that's a good idea, really like it
rocket scientist
Thanks for the replies! Well, this might look like duplicate. I agree its similar but it isn't really duplicate. The linked post suggested for monthly sorting and I suggested custom sorting where I meant the ability to change sorting anytime(by type, ordered, name & activation) as per the users will and also set a custom default sorting. Anyway, what I want or many other would like is the feature to be implemented:-)



I have suggested this myself and it got a bad response, I will find the thread and get back to you.


Here is the original idea:

It's under consideration.

big cheese
big cheese



Just tap the search before you post idea and if you see the idea you are going to post. Just support it by giving it a kudos :smileyhappy: 


But apart from that do not be put off by a duplicate, but remember to search. 


A search for this idea for example would be "activation list sortable or arrange activation list "  You have to think could their be another way of expressing my idea and then use the search . A good idea will be to try to generalise your idea and then search and see what results you get. Take at least 3-5 minutes on search. Trust me it will pay off. 


and then you will look at the ideas to see if they match the idea you have in mind. If their is no idea that matches what you have in mind then post it. 


Hope this helps :smileyhappy: 




the search bar looks like this - 


Lets see if you can find it Smiley Happy 


Hope to see lots of new ideas from you Smiley Wink (remember to search)