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Only a month or so to go and there are a couple of hundred thousand 18 yesr olds away from home and needing mobile more than ever.


How about setting out some street teams in Uni area to hand out sims and offer instant activation. Teams are not paid but get £5 per activation.

im not sure there is a need for giffgaff to do this. Any member could do this themselves provided they get the uni or council permission (depending on where they hand them out). Im sure a few members probably already do this as well
heavy hitter
Cool idea more business for giffgaff

This is something for members to do themselves.

If giffgaff were to do this directly, it would dilute the whole principal of MGM.


When I first moved in to uni halls, there was a giffgaff sim waiting for us in every room! Though I was already with gg so it was a bit wasted Smiley Tongue

Agree with the others who say this is something the members should do and not giffgaff. I'm sure there'll be a lot of giffgaffers starting uni who will be planning on doing this anyway.

Great idea. I agree with you.


a top idea,,,a kudo from me.