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Give us the Blackberry Services you said you would.

Give us the Blackberry Services you said you would.

So we all know about the problems with IM apps like Windows live messenger and others, and they don't work because of a lack of service books, for example, for Windows Live Messenger, it is the WLM 2.1 service book, Giffgaff have to send these to us if we want to use it, so, GIFFGAFF, SEND US ALL THE SERVICE BOOKS WE NEED TO USE OUR BLACKBERRIES TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.

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I just wish more people than have done so far would provde the feedback I asked for to prove this to giffgaff Smiley Happy



Thanks for the link, I was one of the first people to help you with that Smiley Happy It annoys me how in their help section, it says they support it, when obviously, they don't.

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Exactly, the help section you refer to clearly states it


The below Instant Messenger Applications will work on your BlackBerry providing you have the BlackBerry add-on.

Windows Live Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger
Google Talk
AOL Instant Messenger


This is completely unacceptable, could it be classed as false advertising? If so, couldn't we go to Ofcom about it?


I think we have to remember that the BB shambles they have released was almost 'forced' on them by the customers demanding it.

hence, the testing was incomplete and inadequate & the implementation is shoddy...

more time in 'beta' should have been given rather than rushing the current mess to market to appease the customers... who are now probably more outraged by the mess than they'd be if they'd waited longer for a working service...


I was a beta tester and did flag this issue back in November, so the fact that they haven't sorted it is not acceptable.

That is spot on. Service books missing. How hard can it be for GG to contact RIM and say " how do we aquire and send these missing service books?" I don't use these messengers . I use BBM and What's App. But isd still like the option to use them should the need arise.
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Its not only affecting IM apps, people find that their App World icon has vanished and can't be loaded through most normal routes as the BIS isn't being detected properly as a full implementation. The same also happens when trying to update your OS via Desktop Manager. The list goes on....


I am not sure if it is due to lack of service books, but my BIS over WiFi has never worked on GiffGaff, I have tried everything, the agents have reprovisionised my BIS and GPRS, nothing still not connecting to the Blackberry Infrastructure as the WiFi Troubleshooter calls it, I am not happy with the Blackberry Services on GiffGaff, thinking of going back to my iPhone.

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