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I personally think that you should be able to buy 6 goody-bags in one go and that they should last you for six months, or 12 goody-bags which would last 12 months etc. In doing this you wouldn't have to worry about topping up (since you can't do it quickly because you need to go online) and it would work as a kind of "contract" - it is also much cheaper than going on contract with any other network provider and would be a better alternative to doing so.


This counts as autorenewing goodybags, so your idea has already been suggested:


Furthermore, the idea you suggested will make giffgaff like a contract network, when it's actually PAYG. Buying a goodybag for 12 months in a row makes you literally stuck on a 12 month contract.


It would create a lot of work for the staff if something was to go wrong or the customer wanted to change something.