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Goodybag clarification on price list page

Goodybag clarification on price list page

Some of the most common questions in the help forum are:


"I bought a Goodybag. Why is my call credit balance depleting?"


"I bought a Goodybag. Why can't I call 084 and/or 087 numbers?"



One of the most common answers posted in response to these questions is:


"Have a look at the price list page to see what is and is not included in goodybag allowances."



Upon looking at the price list page it rapidly becomes apparent that there is no such explanation of what is and is not included in goodybag allowances.


Can I suggest adding on the price list page a large "g" (for goodybag) or a miniature goodybag icon next to each of the items that goodybag allowances can cover? Furthermore, code it such that clicking this icon also takes you through to the goodybags page itself.



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The amended page would look something like one of the two images shown below.





I think this is a great idea, as it is an easy to follow visual tool; so that people can see which items are included in goodybags, and which items are excluded.  Customers can see immediately via the icons, what's what with their goodybags, and make the right decision as to their best option.  Supported.


I agree. It's not very clear what is included. 


Obviously there would have to be an explanation of what the icons mean but I particularly like your second  example.




pioneerborobabe pioneer  did you forget something?


Supported (and kudos given).


I like the second graphic. Colour needs to be a goodybag colour and not a gigabag colour. (Except for mobile data, which could have two bag icons.)


I notice also that the page doesn't mention that receiving calls is free - a question that overseas newcomers may ask.


@anth006 you're right - I forgot to Kudo the OP - I'm a dingbat!  Please put it down to the pain I'm currently in with sprained ankle ligaments.  I fell this morning, and I've been in pain ever since.  Either that, or blame my advancing years, as this girl gets older!  Kudos now given.


I do like this idea, it is simple and easy to see.

heavy hitter
Agreed and kudod it is very confusing but what your suggesting will make it much more simpler hope GG listen

At last a idea idea i can support instead of endless ones about the upcoming goodybag changes.....


Great idea and would help newbies a lot to make the right choices and answer common questions. supported.


I agree. Very good idea.


There's a slight danger that some people may get the idea that you HAVE to buy a goodybag, to get the services flagged that way, but this can be addressed easily in the design/layout.


Good idea, supported!