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Goodybag consisting of Units

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Goodybag consisting of Units

May not be a new idea, but still... From my personal experience and from what I have read in the Community section, users seem to value different things in the Goodybags, ie some say that they never use data, others love the free minutes but barely use the free sms, and so on.


I would love to be able what my Goodybag consists of, so for example (sorry, someone else has to do the maths about what is worthwile for giffgaff and the users) for a Goodybag of £5 you can chose two units, where units are bundles of minutes, sms, data, and, in future, international calls. 


So, for example, for myself, I would love to have free data and possibly free or cheaper international calls, but I never seem to use up any reasonable amount of the smss or free minutes which are contained in the goodybags (like the £10 one). 


seen a units based idea before

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We're very happy with our current selection of goodybags and closely monitor the market for demand Smiley Happy But thank you for taking the time to post your idea ~