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Have a rollover button to choose from for payback

Have a rollover button to choose from for payback


There should be an explicit option to rollover. All I get are reminder texts to use use my payback points by 12 Jun but they did not say that there is a rollover option. There is also no rollover button to choose from. This is really misleading.





i thought it just got lost if you didnt choose before it ended. same as if you dont use your credit within the month you loose it


yeah, i would love to know that i cud roll over my points so that i could choose to turn my points into cash when i had enough!

is this going happen or has it always been happening?


maybe if we can now choose to roll over our points... mayve giff gaff may decided to roll over our tarriff if we did not use all of our txts, calls and data!


Now that would be great if we could, but i do also understand we already get a great deal with giff gaff- could we be real cheeky and ask for a rollover of our goodybays...Smiley Wink

only if we were super cheeky...


your view giff gaff on roll over goodybags?


yeah would be a good idear


This is an awesome suggestion Smiley Happy.

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This is good it will make me save and work harder Smiley Very Happy 

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8th May 2014: Hey, I'm removing this Idea from the 'New Ideas' status at the moment as it's now in our database and we'll be looking to update it as soon as we can. For more information on the clean up, please take a peek here:
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Status changed to: Working On It

2nd September 2014: Afternoon folks, we're hoping to have this in place by December but might rollover (see what I did there?) to June's payback. We'll update you with any progress.