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Help for customers with no signal

Help for customers with no signal

I've just joined Giffgaff.

I have absolutely no signal when at home. We live in a fairly narrow valley and so expected this - none of the networks have a signal here. If we go up either side of the valley by a few hundred metres we get a signal.


On our EE account we have a "signal box" which provides us with a local 3G signal via our broadband.


Has giffgaff negotiated anything similar yet? I know O2 have a similar device - their "boost box".

Giffgaff seen to be lagging behind with this now as this technology (femtocell) is now widely used by EE, O2 and Vodafone for their domestic (not just business) customers.


I'm sure many giffgaff customers would benefit and would be prepared to purchase such a device if it were available.


Thanks for reading!




Hi Geoff,


Many thanks for explaining the situation.


Giffgaff seems like a great community so I'll remain optimistic :-)


Even the ability to voice ideas in this way is an improvement over most mobile operators.






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 I didn't even know there was such a box available but it does sound like a great idea and even if giffgaff can't do such a thing yet, it's good to hear that it's something they're aware of.


@michaeljthomasI've supported this idea, as I too have a poor signal (not as bad as yours though :-) )

Just a thought, if you have home broadband, the Whatsapp service uses whichever carrier is available at the time of messaging, and has many other users on board.  This at least will keep you in touch, and your voicemail could suggest a message via whatsapp will reach you.  Facebook messenger can work as well, but I don't find it as useful.


Preferred would be a built-in WiFi calling rather then an app you install, sadly only a small number of handsets have this (Samsung, Microsoft).

But a femtocell box would be a good solution for weak signals, but not sure if it's 4G compatible, but at least you'd get 3G!

I'm right...

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It gets really boring to have to stand up to go to the window ledge or door to get a signal and to have to find a hook to hang my mobile on just to be able to recieve texts at home...voice is a no no unless i go outside, not really an option here in Nothern Soctland most of the time!!


Some kind of IP device would be ideal!!!!