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Help for customers with no signal

Help for customers with no signal

I've just joined Giffgaff.

I have absolutely no signal when at home. We live in a fairly narrow valley and so expected this - none of the networks have a signal here. If we go up either side of the valley by a few hundred metres we get a signal.


On our EE account we have a "signal box" which provides us with a local 3G signal via our broadband.


Has giffgaff negotiated anything similar yet? I know O2 have a similar device - their "boost box".

Giffgaff seen to be lagging behind with this now as this technology (femtocell) is now widely used by EE, O2 and Vodafone for their domestic (not just business) customers.


I'm sure many giffgaff customers would benefit and would be prepared to purchase such a device if it were available.


Thanks for reading!



I got ee sim as well as ggaff.
Oh and by the way gg runs on 02 network.

O2 boost box is only available for there BUSINESS account customers.


O2 Joe public like you & mean would be forced to use the awful O2 Tu Go app, then again the awful Tu Go service is only available to O2 pay monthly contract customers.

Read my post. It talks of people getting help who live in a valley, same as you.



There have been many ideas about giffgaff introducing either femtocells or a wifi app like other service providers (Three, EE, Vectone, Vodafone, O2 etc etc) have a look at these searches:  femtocell  wifi app


Allegedly giffgaff are considering a wifi app according to this idea  


Wouldnt be surprised now that nothing happens until the 3 take over deal is rubber stamped.

former giff-staffer



My name is Geoff and I am a Technical Architect at giffgaff (for a few more weeks anyway!)


As we are an MVNO and effectively utilise bits of a network owned by someone else, implementation of this kind of service has some fairly horrible complications.  I have heard of an investigation into a wifi app internally, but again, we still have to interface to our provider to actually provide a service.  We need to determine that the service will be reliable and suitable for the members too, not just whack any old service in!


I think this is a great idea and really the way forward for voice comms.....giffgaff are proactive on this, but there are complications with the tech, so, bear with us!


Anyway, I am Kudo'ing this!






could not agree more with this, my dad was given a box free (he's on 3) 

Yes I've raised this idea before as have others. Supported