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Help in other languages

Help in other languages

Seen as we have Giffgaff members who cannot speak English, But need help in their own dialect. And from what we did last night.

See these two threads:


I am suggesting we create a subsection in Ask the Community, with a heading stating if you speak No English..Come here for help, or something along those lines.

I am sure If we make an announcement, We will find volunteers who already help on Giffgaff can speak different languages. So why not take advantage of that.


Thanks for reading.


Good idea, I was involved in the the thread so I agree completely 

I can imagine how frustrating it must be not to be able to speak english but have a problem

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Spread the word jsmyth2112 Smiley Happy

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Doubt there will be a subsection but certainly a sticky with names of people who can converse in x language for uses to pm, though the sticky might need to be in a few languages maybe with spoilers so it's not a huge long page of words
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Also look copy and paste words there. Helps.
Nice idea but ......I Think putting the cart before the horse is wrong way to go about this ..... Surmising people can help as volunteers .... Why not post in contribute to asses this first ... Then if you get any people who are willing to help it then becomes a possibilty ?

I think a specific sub-section is a great idea, as it not only provides a central forum for non-English speakers, but also sends a message to say those people are welcome in the giffgaff community. 


Nice one! Smiley Wink

Good idea morvin
I am more then happy to help people in urdu language if they dnt understant english I like the idea by the way
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I think it should be a category similar to off topic but giving you points. In this topic there are subsections for the most commonly used languages in the world then a final one for other languages. People would then post in the thread for their language. Others could then use a translator such as or similar if they don't speak the language to translate back and forth. But if the giffgaffer already speaks that language then they not need translator.
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Great Idea but I feel you may need more planning before it is complete. I think first recruiting bi-lingual members that would be interested in getting involved would be the first step. Maybe try starting a thread in contribute as suggested above. Secondly, I feel that conducting some tests with an online translator and then finding a process that works for the community as a whole is the more feasible option. I'm not sure that there is enough demand for this to create several subforums but a stickied thread would not be out of the question on a trial basis if you come up with a more detailed plan.


Great thinking though! Very good motive behind the idea.