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How about better 3G coverage before 4G?

How about better 3G coverage before 4G?

Just returned from a holiday in South West Wales.

2G coverage was rubbish.

3G was nowhere.

Any plans to improve the coverage of what is otherwise a great service?


It's all down to o2 to improve coverage I'm afraid need more masts around the UK
heavy hitter
think how the Welsh must feel
Must say I can see loads of masts from my back garden including O2 but in the house I quite often lose 3G and it's just goes onto E iphone 5, I know this won't get 4g ,now at a friends house same distance opposite way and phone works spot on?!
@dieseldan try the OpenSignal app which can show you a map with lines to each of the masts that you are currently connected to. Might be interesting to see whether the good signal is from a different mast, or whether two masts are interfering at your location. (The network engineers go to a lot of trouble to try to avoid this happening.)
@ceejail Check the network coverage map before you book your holiday. The latest version does also show whether O2 is using 3G on 900MHz or 3G on 2100MHz. A lot of phones, (especially chinese) won't support 3G on 900MHz. It happened because O2 have recycled a lot of 2G masts for 3G in a way that the original spec didn't allow, so the phones weren't designed for it.

Think you should put this in a different forum as its hardly suggesting a new idea,.

Living in Norfolk, that's what it's like the whole time!!


I know the network is O2's but all the same, I get fed up with all the 4G ads when 3G is still a pipe dream for many rural areas. Including mine!


There's a lot of rural areas waiting for reception full stop - imagine what it's like to actually live there rather than visiting for holidays...


Not much GG can do about it tho, until more masts are build or new technology is developed - it's not even an o2 specific issue, it's the same case with any network. 


As @wolf76  said, this is not something giffgaff can fix. The network is owned and run by O2.


I would agree that the 3G coverage is inadequate but frankly that is also true of all the other networks too. Even if all the networks shared their 3G systems (yeah, right) we would still have big gaps with no coverage even in fairly highly populated areas.