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The problem


When somebody is answering a question with a link it is often a '' link. Bit.lys are often very easy to type, eg.


However, to put a link in you have to add 'http://' before it for it to be recognized. This is time consuming and is even harder on mobiles. - It takes over twice the amount of time to type!


The solution


As on twitter and facebook, I propose that links without http:// are 'hyperlinked' to increase the speed of answers and ease of creating links! I believe this can be possible as on other forums it is!


If you support please kudo! Smiley Happy







This would probably drain a decent chunk of computing power to work.


Would need the whole post scanning for possible combinations of letters and dots that make urls and giffgaff is wobbly enough at the moment without adding such a feature draining the server.


A good idea, but not really practical as it's the http:// bit that shows that it's a link to the lithium system, that's why on twitter and facebook etc. you have to sometimes delete stuff when you happen to have missed the space between the . and the next word. It doesn't exactly take long to type http:// especially if you type it all the time


Also on a mobile you could just make it so your phone's dictionary converts to


That'd save you time, and most modern phones will let you do that

@pw1987 I've never seen a phone that will do that, and we don't want giffgaff to become biased towards users who can afford high-end phones.


@930913 @tim74 Could it not just search for a very limited combination of letters and dots in posts? I know this is a slight change to the idea, but what if it was limited to,, and Hope this amendment is okay with the OP :/






Brilliant idea! This would save computer space!



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The members have spoken and unfortunately this isn't what they're looking for right now. We love ideas so don't be disheartened, try again - we look forward to it! -
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