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I think giffgaff should offer higher giga-bags maybe something like 5GB 10GB and 15GB Giga-bags

I think giffgaff should offer higher giga-bags maybe something like 5GB 10GB and 15GB Giga-bags

I was wondering why giffgaff didn't do higher GB Giga-bags for the higher user?

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good idea, i personally think giffgaff would have thought about this before releasing the GIGA-BAGS, and that theres a reason they kept it at 3GB,maybe because they dont want to enroll too many goodybags or that they think its enough, bit i would be 99% sure they thought about how much data to put into the GIGA-BAGS before releasing them to buy Smiley Happy.


I think I read somewhere where gg stated that if everyone used all the data in the new gigabags, gg would lose money on them.


So for a larger gigabag which would presumably need to have a cheaper or same cost per MB as the 3GB product - well it seems likely that a 15GB product would get mostly used (otherwise why buy such a large data allowance) and therefore could cost gg money?


Very good idea however I imagine how it wil lwork is this. They'll use the current gigbags, judge to see how many people go over, and by how much, and use this to gauge how much of a marktet there is in higher end ones Smiley Happy


I'd be very surprised if they didn't do that.


But I think as they monitor usage so much, they'll probably intoroduce them asap if they become needed. Smiley Happy


give giffgaff few months, they'll iront out the plans if they feel that they need to.. giffgaff is always open to changes and new ideas after all..


Perhaps they need to keep a bit of bandwidth for the rest of us to use!


I think the current gigabags are all well and good. Though in my opinion, they need one or two extra ones for the heavy data users.

I would like to see perhaps two, between 5GB and 10GB, or maybe even just 5GB and 7GB gigabags?


I will add my support to this idea, and keep my fingers crossed for the future...


Though, I get the feeling gigabags of this size are absent for a very good reason. In that, they don't want people to use anymore data than they already provide, by the very generous goodybag offers. Smiley Wink


It could be that they don't have the bandwidth to offer. More high usage customers may impact too much on the rest of us.


In my case I think giffgaff should have a better negotiator when buying bulk data allowance from above, aka re-distribuor bulk buys I assume, correct me if i am wrong...


They probably have to deal with O2 who themselves are probably limited.

Perhaps most consumers only use small amounts of data and the market for huge goodybags with lot's of data doesn't exist to make it financially worthwhile?
I'm sure I read somewhere that the average user (on the big networks) will use between 300/400MB per month.