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I think giffgaff should offer higher giga-bags maybe something like 5GB 10GB and 15GB Giga-bags

I think giffgaff should offer higher giga-bags maybe something like 5GB 10GB and 15GB Giga-bags

I was wondering why giffgaff didn't do higher GB Giga-bags for the higher user?


why dont gg do just a unlimited mobile data package,cause if i want unlimited mobile data i have to buy the £12 goody bag which include minutes & unlimited texts & as gg will see if they look over my account i hardly ever phone any , i text more than i do using talk time minutes but would sooner pay for just mobile data.

i want to put this up for suggestion to gg but dont think i'm in the right place to do it.

Its because the goodybags contain what most people require , there not made to suit indivual needs. You can get a gigabag but only 3Gb max to use in a phone or any device

well gg should cater for all its customers needs.

i'll be looking around other networks that just offer mobile data.

why should i pay £12 for 250 mins when the most minutes i'll use would 10 to 20 minutes.

i feel cheated & robbed having to give up over 200 minutes every month,& i think your minutes should be carried over we bleeding well payed for them so why should we lose them if we dont use them.


1 big f*%&&&^ rip off to get more money out of their customers.


lol at the peoples comments at the begining of this thread.

"maybe gg will consider doing just a mobile data package in the future"

i hope they did'nt hold their breath waiting from 2011

so this tells me gg dont listen to their customers wishes or ideas.





could they offer a larger internet gigabags? as i am youtube a lot , actually 4 hours a day, except sunday when the youtube is on all day....


This proposal will be popular, yes lets have a bigger allowance


good idea i posted a similair idea a while back, however dont get your hopes high it most likely wont happen as it would make a loss in the company and wouldnt work out..


A temporary workaround, have 2 x sims and start the 2nd after your first allowance runs out, or watch youtube on your mobile with a unlimited goodybag


1GB or 3GB plans were fine for the average phone. But now we’re all using Tablets and doing more than surfing the web, messaging and viewing the occasional Youtube video. The current data plans aren’t good enough for people who want to get full use from their Tabs - 1GB barely covers a week, and 3GB is absurdly small for a month’s use.


Giffgaff should at LEAST double the allowance to 6GB/month simply to catch up with consumer demand. Devices consume more data than ever before, and carriers should reflect that fact in their data plans.

What sort of prices are you thinking of for these new gigabags?

I think there should be really big ones to, say 10GB and 20GB.