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Idea submission - confirm idea search has been done

Idea submission - confirm idea search has been done

The ideas board is getting clogged up with many duplicates which would/should never have been posted if the poster had simply done a search of ideas on the board.  There a few suggestions on what to do about this that have been turned down so I'm initially

suggesting something very simple and easy to implement.


On the idea's post message screen include an additional box on the right with a simple tick that they agreed to this statement:

'Have you searched for this idea?'.  

Make the acceptance of this statement mandatory in the same way as a Idea Label selection is. 


Below this box should be the ideas search option box, so it makes it easy for the OP to see how.


Something needs to be done, as the boards are too full of ideas including a lot of duplicates (pushing new and original ideas off the radar).


Thanks for reading and I hope you support this idea. Smiley Happy


Is this Lithiums domain? I agree and a lot of the time in the comments of an idea you get people saying that this ideas already been suggested with a link as a reference and the link is to an idea marked as duplicate itself !!!!!!!


I would go one further and make it mandatory that you enter the title of your idea in a search box to see if it is similar to another before you even get to write the idea out but again, Lithium.


I like the idea though and hope they follow it up because currently the ideas section has 700+ ideas which is far too many for giffgaff to adjudicate on


*edited due to number of ideas previosly stated being incorrect

I ate the FAQ

Yes heather it should be very easy as there is already a check that a label has been selected in order for the idea to be submitted.  So this is the same in principal and therefore easy to do.


Other ideas about forcing a search on the title have already been posted and rejected as being too complicated (I think), so I just wanted something that was very easy to implement.  Something has to be done and I think this will be good start.


In theory this is a good idea but I feel it may be impractical & create further problems, some ideas may seem to be duplicates but have a new approach to the same end.

The classic example from my  experience would be the many requests for the good old data-only Goodybag. There have been many suggestions but all have a slightly different approach in the suggestion.

But the main problem with the infuriating duplication of posts is not here at all but in the Help section where the 'points-junkies' just blat off  the same answer that may have been given many times before but the nth poster just has not bothered to read the whole thread or the OP does not mark the question as solved.

Come up with a viable solution to that issue & the kudos returns would probably be bewildering


A couple of times i've thought an idea was a duplicate, searched for it using several different phrases, and not found the original. Then straight afterwards someone else has posted the duplicates link. Searching is no garuntee.

I ate the FAQ

No of course it's not a guarantee that duplicates don't get posted and it still allows people to post the idea.  However I see it as step in the right direction as it would at least stop some duplicates from happening when responsible people follow the directions to search before posting.  Some duplicates are inadvertently posted and this should help stop those. Other people will simply ignore this advice anyway, but then they have no excuse when they are pulled up on the point.


If when searching a similar idea comes up then I suggest referring to that idea and point out the differences that make it an original idea. 


Are you sure you did a search? I wonder if this has been suggested before

I ate the FAQ

@Andy yes I did a search and have just repeated it by using 'idea' in the search and reading 17 pages of suggested posts (when the word idea no longer appears in the title).  Unless they didn't use the word idea in the title (which would be pretty daft).


Do you think you've seen this before then?  There variations on this to include an automatic search when the title's input but I genuinely cannot find anything like this.



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rocket scientist


and they all lead to the same oneSmiley Very Happy