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Idea submission - confirm idea search has been done

Idea submission - confirm idea search has been done

The ideas board is getting clogged up with many duplicates which would/should never have been posted if the poster had simply done a search of ideas on the board.  There a few suggestions on what to do about this that have been turned down so I'm initially

suggesting something very simple and easy to implement.


On the idea's post message screen include an additional box on the right with a simple tick that they agreed to this statement:

'Have you searched for this idea?'.  

Make the acceptance of this statement mandatory in the same way as a Idea Label selection is. 


Below this box should be the ideas search option box, so it makes it easy for the OP to see how.


Something needs to be done, as the boards are too full of ideas including a lot of duplicates (pushing new and original ideas off the radar).


Thanks for reading and I hope you support this idea. Smiley Happy


yaakov1 wrote:


and they all lead to the same one:smileyvery-happy:

of course, but I thought I'd let that emerge


I didn't anticipate you'd have posted it just before me

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and the funny thing is that this is a duplicate

and the post says The ideas board is getting clogged up with many duplicates

very punny


Sorry, but this isn't 'very simple to implement'. Such action would require a bit more coding than you think, but then again, it depends how advance you want to make the process, but it has been mentioned, something needs doing about these duplicates, but I think it needs to be thought out on a much bigger scale.

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Quite right and I hang my head in shame Smiley Sad  


I prefer to be linked to this one as a duplicate though as I don't think it's a duplicate of the one it's linked to, but there you go.  Smiley Tongue


As a penalty I will refrain from posting any ideas for a while. I will also add the tag duplicate (an obvious search to do in this case).


"As a penalty I will refrain from posting any ideas for a while. I will also add the tag duplicate (an obvious search to do in this case)."


No, don't take any penalties or beat yourself up about it, people post duplicates everyday! And they carry on! You had a good idea, and it's not your fault, you searched, just not to a level that found you the result.

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Dont stop posting ideas

If its a good idea, just search key terms before posting, and if you dont get any duplciate results then post it

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Thanks I just had a complete blank this time round as it was obvious what I should have searched for and I normally do  Oh well must try harder next time round.


I agree with jamesd2010 that the whole area needs a good overhall and something needs to be done. Personally I liked this previous idea of mine, but it didn't get very far but at least it's not a duplicate as far as I know.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
Vincent is looking into whether this is possible to implement.
I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Working On It
The ideas board is up for a revamp very soon and ensuring that new ideas are new and original ideas are supported is high on the agenda. Making sure members search first is a huge part of that and we have plans to make sure that search is utilized.
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Status changed to: Not For Us
Hey folks, this initially got delayed because we wanted to design a consistent member experience across all forums. So if we had a tick box here, you'd need it in other boards. However since we've been trialling merging duplicates, and getting in touch personally with members each time - this has been a great success in both reducing duplicates, educating members and encouraging new members to take part! So we're going to set this idea Not for Us, as things moved in a different direction. Thanks a lot for the great idea, and I hope to see more from you soon.