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Improve link in New PM email

Improve link in New PM email

At the moment when you receive a PM, you are sent an email from giffgaff. However the link provided in the email to read your PM just sends you to the giffgaff Community home page. Now the message symbol is pretty small on the page so it is not obvious especially to newcomers where to click to read their new message. Sadly the idea of enlarging the message icon (even more as it is still too small) further has been rejected so I propose the next best thing.


Simply change the link in the email to either link to your PM inbox page ( or else to link directly to the PM itself.

I think this would be useful because I have sent quite a few PMs to new people who have not actually read the PMs, and this is probably because they don't know how to. I have had one person PM me, not read the reply and about 3 days later reply to a message in a thread I had posted in saying that he didn't know how to read the PM. This could cost giffgaff customers as if they PM someone for help about, for instance, internet on their phone, and they don't think they have been replied to, they may move back to their original network as they think the service here is lousy.


Of course another option would be to include the full text of the PM in the email itself, but I seem to remember seeing this rejected elsewhere so I will let giffgaff decide on that one.


If you like this idea, please kudo it to support it. Thanks!

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I can't see why they don't put the link in the email to the pm box. Nice idea!

Great idea. The inbox icon is indeed very small and it's not always easy to see if you have a message.


Thanks for the support guys, I'm hoping that I might actually get more than 10 kudos on an idea for once so it might be at least considered by giffgaff Smiley Very Happy


This is a great idea, completely confused me the first time.


Thanks Smiley Happy


Eddnoon and ollie would you mind kudoing the idea then? Otherwise it won't get reviewed Smiley Sad


pm's need to be easier

Here's my rejected idea: I really think it ought to be reviewed, what with all of the login problems.
Ah that's where I saw the rejected idea!
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They should do this with craig's messages im still waiting for him to read one from 1 december. Its to late now though i left gg because he didnt help