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Improve quality of replies / threads / conversations

Improve quality of replies / threads / conversations

I was on another forum earlier today and noticed they have a 10 character count minimum per post.


Perhaps something along those lines could be implemented here? This would prevent users from posting simple yes or no replies and improve the quality of people's conversations / threads when using the forum.


Not sure if this is something that the Lithium Board can provide or not?


mad scientist
Sounds like a good idea to me.
Bog off. We're fine as it is. Some answers only require a yes or no answer. No more, no less. so leave it as it is.

I agree!

I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Idea Vault
A variant on this has been suggested and is waiting for more support

thanks bertiebat Smiley Happy


I have given the original idea Kudos, It still needs more support to be considered.


Anyone who thinks a system like this would help improve the Quality of replies etc, Please give Kudos to the idea linked above!


Smiley Happy

mad scientist
Will do. Anything to improve the quality of posts is definitely worth supporting.
I ate the FAQ

Yes I happen to agree with idea and have kudos the other idea Smiley Happy



This idea sounded reasonable - until I looked and saw Andy0's one word answer. Read in context, it made perfect sense! There was no need to pad it out to 10 characters.
I agree with andy0