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In-Topic Search

This is carrying on from my thread here, so give that a quick read Smiley Happy


I think there should be a feature where you can search inside a specific topic, so it would only search for posts in the topic that you are currently reading.

For example, with the music thread you could search for a song to see if it has already been done. It could also be used for things like unreported service issues thread to see if anyone else has found that bug.


There are a few things that could be done to do this but none of them are brilliant solutions as they are not always simple, for example: Will suggested increasing the amount of posts per topic you see and then doing Ctrl + F to search for something on the page, but there is still the downside of it spreading onto more pages and it will still take time to do.


Spacerat suggested using a custom google search, but you can't really make one of those for every thread.


So I think giffgaff should introduce this feature as it can solve a few issues, it will also not affect people if they don't want to use it.

I am not sure if it will be supported by Lithium but will suggested I posted it here first to see if it is wanted Smiley Very Happy





Rixopod It's relatively straightforward for a few big threads, but a nightmare if there are loads. Think it would be useful for the google search for the Music Quiz to go on the main page of the quiz to give people a chance - doubt a Lithium fix will be quick.
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I think the google search is OK, but it isn't connected to giffgaff so dosen't fit in OK, and it means people will have to link to a search, instead of having it at the top of the page.

Also, a lithium fix may even bring customisation to it, for example, you could use a time frame or a certain user.

And it can't take that long Smiley Tongue

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Also, the google serach dosen't appear to be very 'live' I tried searching for some of the recent songs on the music thread and it dosen't have them Smiley Sad

Yeah - I haven't messed about with the indexing options, so it is a bit out of date. They do supply the code so that you can insert the search bar into your web page, but I can't post it into the HTML tab, presumably because it doesn't like scripting.

I can think of a few instances where this may have been useful so idea supported Smiley Happy


At first I couldn't see an obvious advantage, but the music thread example that you've given, does show that it could save people a lot of time. I suppose another example could be any of the "handset challenge" threads, where we see quite a lot of duplicated ideas.


I hope I've understood your idea correctly, and if it's not too difficult to implement, then I'm happy to support it.


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I think you have understood it correctly Smiley Happy


It could probably be done in JQuery/JSON data but would need some sort of plugin etc.

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I don't really mind how it is done, I am sure they will work something out!

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Can we get to 20 before the end of the day?