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Include language moderation in Usernames

Include language moderation in Usernames

I may not be speaking for members as a community here, but I have just seen a not so pleasant username including swearing.


Would it not be wise to include the swear box into username creation? If the word was posted it would be blocked, so why not with usernames, after all it is more obvious! I'm not against swearing, but to use it inappropriately in a username with no meaning completely out of context is not needed for our community.


Of course members should have freedom in creativity, but I think more obvious swear words should be filtered out.


Kudo's if you agree, I'd say it's pretty urgent, to prevent it from happening again.

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Totally agree, **bleep** is **bleep** no matter where its put

I thought they already had something like that, but it's a good idea!




Exactly my point! Swearing is certainly not needed in a username, the word would have no meaning!

I ate the FAQ

Glad you posted this, was thinking same thing myself.  As you say, some people may take advantage of this loophole as trolls.






Yeah, Just saw a username with swearing in, so obviously not Smiley Sad.

top cat

Yes, I agree, my youngest daughter uses the giffgaff community so clearly I don't want her reading profanities Smiley Sad

I understand people swearing on here when they are mad, but why would you do it in your username, these surely arent serious customers?

I've just contacted an educator on the matter, it's being dealt with, but it still needs to be prevented in the future. And yes aandms I agree, like another member who would troll the forum, recently had 'theyseemetrolling' as a username. Don't know if his still around!

head honcho

There was  one earlier that seems to have gone now but I agree they should  be stopped at the signup stage.


Actually having profanity in your username boosts your e-penís and rates you higher on the intelligence scale, allowing you to think you cool when your not Smiley Happy We should feel sorry for them if anything, obviously they didnt get enough love at home.