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International rates section

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by autumn ‎19-01-2011 21:25

I would like to suggest a better/ clearer international rates section, the current one is ok but I am not sure if some people would know where to look to see Giff Gaffs fantastic low international text rates! So I am thinking Giff Gaff should look into creating a new page based on international rates. I think it is inportant to promote these offers in the best possible way because many people need to contact other countries these days. So making sure people who would be interested in this get to see the great offers is the best way for giff gaff.


Hope this makes sense....


Plus, of course the information about the international rates would be extremely helpful if they were also translated into different languages somewhere on this site.

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Good idea.Giffgaff are not as cheap as some others like Lebara but are still mega cheap when compared to the big networks for international -especially EU texts and calls.
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Thats a very good idea especialyl with the holiday season just round the corner.

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This is because as the 'mobile network run by you' we can only consider ideas that have 10 or more Kudos and yours did not receive that in over 6 months. Your idea will be revisited if it receives 10 or more at a later stage though! Thanks so much for contributing to the improvement of the community - it is appreciated Kind regards, Hazel.
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