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Internet Switch

After the 1st December I think there may be some problems. Unortunately new smart phones, especially the iPhone, use data without even asking the user or having an option to disable it. What this means is that iPhone users will be paying for Internet try don't want.<br><br>The easiest solution could be a switch in the dashboard, like the text confirmation &amp; balance switch, and would simply place an Internet bar, or disable it. I doubt it would be a source of Frustating questions in the forum - simply set it automatically off and only users who know why they're doing will fond themselves with it set up. Ideally, Id prefer to have a free Internet allowance each month for light users, say 50-100mb, but i think that you should choose one of these two to implement, so that users aren't left paying money for things they don't necessarily want after 1/12<br><br>btw, changing the apn wouldn't work - besides being a hassle, there is still gsm and GPRS networks which continue to work with incorrect settings, and contacting the giffgaff staff is unreasonable, too much load and difficult to switch from time to time

iPhone users with iOS4.1 and above can disable data all together.. infact anyone can


just edit the APN settings and it won't be able to get into the internet.


iOS users, there is a Data switch in Settings > General > Network


Cellular Data (On/Off) 

Ok, but iPhone 2g users can't get ios4, and there are still sone of us around, plus the apn editing only disables edge. Again, I would prefer a monthly allowance, with medium/heavy usage covered wig goodybags, but if this is not deemed viable for one reason or another, theni think an Internet switch, not just for iPhones but also for other phones where they can so easily accidentally open the Internet Would be appropriate
This is a great idea.
I like this idea. I don't understand my phone all that well and I was considering deliberately messing up the settings to avoid charges for data roaming when abroad. (I know giffgaff does not currently support data roaming so this is not relevant at present.) I support the idea of a data bar that the user can set or lift from the dashboard.

Not as convenient as having your own 'switch' but I'm sure if you ask an agent they will enforce an internet bar on your account if you so choose.

@jamesdn The OP has acknowledged what you said, right at the end of his post. But his point is that contacting an agent each time you want to to turn your bar on or off is incovenient for both the customer and sraff.
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As a suggestion, why not pay for a goodybag and get the unlimited internet?  Whilst I understand the notion that you would like to be in control, If I had paid several hundred pounds for a smartphone I don't think I would be too worried about paying an extra £10 a month.  With a goodybag it would be possible to fully utilise what I had bought and as a consequence not have to worry about the situation you've outlined.


It's a weird idea, iPhones just wouldn't work without the internet.




I disagree with you callum, many games do not require internet, and you can still call and text. I have wifi most of the time, but when I am away from home I would like not to have data charges, unless I have paid for the internet I am getting beforehand through a goodybag, in which case I would lift the bar and use it as much as I wanted.


Also, re: houndontheloose, I don't have too much money to spare as I am not yet old enough to work, and £10 would be a waste for me and many other light users, especially if it's all going out for trivial internet expenses which could easily be avoided. At times, £5 credit could last me 2 months, at others I might need £15 for a month, in which case I would use a goodybag - as my usage changes, I would like to be able to have this option.


Perhaps there could also be a simple number to call, i.e. *100#5# or something similar, to activate or deactivate this bar on the go, I think that would be the most effective for users on the go, who might at points decide that it's with them spending credit on internet.